Torrone tiny candies production
in Frattamaggiore, Naples

Torrone candies

Antica Grimaldi produces its tiny torrone candies in five different flavors, distinguished by the color of the wrapping: friable with almonds, friable with hazelnuts, soft with almonds or hazelnuts, soft covered in chocolate, crunchy with almonds and hazelnuts covered in chocolate.

Origins of torrone

The origins of this particular sweet are unknown. Some people say it comes from ancient China, and only the the Venetians would have discovered and imported it in Italy, due to the intes traffic of the Silk Road. Others affirm that it was the Arabic populations to bring the famous sweet with honey and almonds to our country, straight from the East.

Torrone conquered great popularity during the Middle Age: as it is today, it was mainly eaten during Christmas celebrations. It also became a tradition during the marriage ceremonies, starting from the marriage of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti. In fact, it is in their town, Cremona, that the torron has been named for the first: “Torrione” was the highest tower of the city.
Other than the torrone from Cremona, the best ones surely include the torrone coming from Piedmont (due to its excellent hazelnut production), Siena, Benevento, and from Southern Italy also: Abruzzo, Campania and Calabria. Also the torrone from Sicily is well known and appreciated: in this region it mainly eaten during the Chirstmas period as well.
Let yourself be embraced by the taste and variety of the torrone candies production in Frattamaggiore, Naples! Come and discover the tempting products of Antica Grimaldi.