Torrone production



The friable torrone needs an extended cooking time, up to the reach of the desired cooking point. Likewise, the recipe is also important: it must follow the typical procedure and specific ration of honey and sugars.

soft torrone production

Soft torronestands out for its cooking time, which is substantially short: that allows to maintain a higher humidity of the paste. This particular characteristic, combined to the unique recipe it produces the so called soft torrone.

crunchy torrone production

This particular kind of torrone is a speciality of many areas in the south of Italy and it hides a special and unforgettable flavor. It is a crunchy sweet, a truly must taste for those who don’t know it yet. You’ll find both the almond and hazelnuts version.

classic covered torrone production

Classic torrone is marvelous to taste, but the most appreciated ones are undoubtedly the one covered in the tastiest flavors: chocolate flows, limoncello liqueur and cream, and many more. Antica Grimaldy produces original and delicious covered torrone, they are unique, tasty and you must taste all of them.

blocks of torrone production

These special shapes, such as arches and blocks, are used for the staging during fairs and events. The product always is the classic torrone but the block format, which must be cut with a knife at the moment, allows to maintain tradition and authenticity of the product in his presentation and characteristics as well.

tiny torrone candies production

Antica Grimaldi in Frattamaggiore, Naples offers a gallery of its tasty and diverse products, both torrone and sweets, to make you drool and willing to celebrate! In every celebration, the most typical dessert to share with your family can’t miss out of your table, the most typical dessert to share with your family.