Candies and wheeled toys

Gummy candies flavored in fruit, coca-cola and liquorice

The sweet in which the Antica Grimaldi is specialized is torrone, which is made following typical recipes, but there is more: in fact, the label also offers the sale of candies and wheeled candies in Frattamaggiore, Naples. Antica Grimaldi creates a special mix of shapes and colors, a real explosion of taste which will be hard to resist!
Gummy candies are available in many different flavors: little soft liquorice fishes, the famous raspberries and blackberries, the sparkling little bears, the rounded eggs, the tempting sorted liqourices, the peach hearts, little bubble gum worms, vampire teeth, sugar bananas, strawberry lips, the cream and strawberry candies and fruit ones, and many more.
Gummy candies accompany us during the most beautiful and innocent moments of our childhood. Colored, soft, tasty, funny: there is no children capable to resist colors and flavors of our sweets… and even adults will want to taste them! They are made with children dimensions, move on four wheels and they can push them around for hours for an endless amusement.
Antica Grimaldi in Frattamaggiore, Naples offers a gallery of its tasty and divers torrone, candies and sweets production to make you drool and willing to celebrate.
In order to get more information about the production of artisanal torrone in Frattamaggiore, Naples or to ask for an occasional or extended supply, you should contact the Antica Grimaldi.

Street M. Niglio, 31 ¬¬- 80027 - Frattamaggiore (NA)
Phone: +39 0818804411