Artisanal torrone production


In every celebration, the most typical dessert to share with your family can’t miss out! The Antica Grimaldi business carefully follows the tradition and production of torrone in Frattamaggiore, Naples in order to avoid the disappearance of this dessert. They bring back to the table again the forgotten flavors, unfortunately often reproduced artificially, by using products capable of preserving untouched the taste of the past. Antica Grimaldi boasts a certain tradition, brought by the family artisanal business.
The Antica Grimaldi is specialized in artisanal torrone production, which is prepared following traditional recipes. The perfect cooking point can be reached only by following a specific procedure and a precise ratio regarding the quantity of honey, sugar, dried fruit, and thanks to an extended cooking process.
The business produces its sweets in many formats: blocks, big pieces and tiny packets similar to candies. They are all marvelous, the variety is worthy of being tasted! Furthermore, there are special shapes, such as arches and blocks, used for the staging during fairs and events. The product always is the classic torrone but the block format, which must be cut with a knife at the moment, allows to maintain tradition and authenticity of the product in his presentation and characteristics as well.
However,torrone is not only a finished sweet but also an incredible ingredient, surprising and versatile, capable to make your desserts special. Discover with Antica Grimaldi new tasty recipes to surprise your guests.
In order to get more information about the production of artisanal torrone in Frattamaggiore, Naples or to ask for an occasional or extended supply, you should contact the Antica Grimaldi.


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